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Urban Sunrise Audioscape Builder
  • • Create your own environment
  • • 24 stereo effects
  • • Runs in Windows
  • • Runs in Flash Devices
  • • No need to install

Urban Sunrise Music


People's Administration - True/Direct Democracy movement
Mainstream UK Party for Direct Democracy via web and phone - Government to reform into an Administration of the people - The people to create, propose and vote upon all policy implementation
Direct Democracy and the Nature of God [eBook]
Authored by Alex Romane [PA Direct Democracy Party and Urban Sunrise Music founder] and published by the British Library, this eBook demonstrates how as programmes that form a two-tier strategy of control, centralised partisan political systems seek to oppress true expression of the mind while religious systems seek to oppress true expression of the soul and how between them, they keep us separate from each other and separate from the truth of the nature of a God who created everything
EASI [Environmental Action Scheme for Individuals
From this short eBook, learn small-scale ways to have an immediate positive effect on the health of our natural environment as an individual - without doing anything
The Stark Truth
In-depth interviews spanning many categories with host Robert Stark and co-host Pileater
A sound designer and electronic music producer from Los Angeles who facilitates group sound healing experiences
Oxygen Rooms
Birmingham-based recording studio
Quit Alcohol
Organisation that specialises in assisting the LGBT community with addictions and other issues


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