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Demokratia [album]

Demokratia is available on all major platforms [search 'Alex Romane']

Alex Romane - Demokratia








The first 4 tracks of Demokratia are of a new genre [a Trance/Techno/Hip Hop hybrid] that Alex Romane has created and released unlabelled.

YouTube Demokratia album sampler
Story behind Demokratia album artwork [cats protect lost pigeon]
Demokratia album booklet

Take Back the Power MP3 preview
Demokratia MP3 preview
Partyfied MP3 preview
Just a Game of Thrones MP3 preview
Models of War MP3 preview
Acid Rain [Drum and Bass Mix] MP3 preview
Always With You [With You Forever Mix] MP3 preview
Demokratia [Justice Mix] MP3 preview
Demokratia [Electro Dub Mix] MP3 preview
Venice MP3 preview
Remixes from Demokratia:
Models of War [Insurrection Mix] MP3 preview
Models of War [Renegade Mix] MP3 preview

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